Crow Tribe of Montana

Staff Reports

A Crow Agency man pleaded guilty March 8 to selling an eagle and eagle parts to government informants. Gilbert Walks Jr., 38, also was charged with possessing a weapon during the sales. Killing an eagle is a misdemeanor, but the remaining charges are felonies. Assistant U.S. Attorney Klaus Richter said law enforcement officers learned last year that Walks was killing golden and bald eagles. On March 1, 2000, an informant saw Walks with a recently killed eagle and bought it from him later the same day, Richter said. On March 20, Richter said, another informant bought eagle feet, a wing and a tail from Walks for $80. Under terms of a plea agreement, Walks will likely face probation, but U.S. District Judge Jack Shanstrom is not bound by the plea agreement. Walks is free pending a June 15 sentencing.

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