Road being built for tribal health center

The Associated Press

NEW TOWN, N.D. (AP) – The Three Affiliated Tribes are building a road for the new $20 million health center planned for the Fort Berthold Reservation.

Officials have closed off bids for a contractor to build the Elbowoods Memorial Health Center, which is to open in late 2011. The contract will be awarded later.

Congress earlier this year approved $17 million for the project. The health center will be built on 120 acres that the tribe owns north of Fort Berthold Community College in New Town. A walking path will connect the two.

The Army Corps of Engineers will build the health center and then turn it over to IHS.

The name of the new center is from the community of Elbowoods, which had a hospital with the same name. Elbowoods was flooded when Garrison Dam was built.

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