Dakota Activist Draws FBI Attention


A Dakota college professor has been contacted by the FBI regarding a controversial lecture she gave in November at Winona State University. Waziyatawin, who grew up on the Upper Sioux Reservation in southwestern Minnesota and is now a professor of indigenous history at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, made several provocative remarks during the talk, including the statement that “for Dakota people, I know we’re going to need to recover our land base, by any means necessary.”

At another point, she said that, “in terms of dismantling industrial civilization, I think that can happen in any variety of ways, and I think that’s going to be about attacking infrastructure.”

Waziyatawin told Minnesota Public Radio that she received a call from an FBI agent who said that “as an agent of the United States government, he was concerned about national security.”

Minnesota Public Radio: FBI asks about Dakota activist’s controversial speech

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