One of many businesses in the 31-member Arctic Co-operative Ltd., which now owns the small-engine vender Sikitu Sales and Service Ltd.

Arctic Co-operative Ltd. Buys Nunavut Small-engine Dealer


Arctic Co-operatives Ltd. hopes to amplify its small-engine market in Nunavut with the purchase of Iqaluit’s Sikitu Sales and Service Ltd., the Nunatsiaq News reported.

The group of 31 business co-ops is already a vender of off-road vehicles and marine products across northern Canada but does not have much of a presence in Iqualuit, the newspaper said.

“This is not a new business for us, but this will certainly compliment our services,” Arctic Co-op’s Rod Wilson told the newspaper. “By having Sikitu as part of the co-op’s family, we can expedite service and part supply across the Baffin region.”

Sikitu’s business operations will remain the same, he said.

Arctic Co-operative’s 31 member co-op businesses are Inuit- and Dene-owned companies including Iqaluit Cable TV, Iqaluit Gas Bar and Convenience Store and Tittaq Office Products, the Nunatsiaq News said.

The 10-year-old Sikitu Sales and Service Ltd. sells snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and outboard motors. It is also a dealer for Polaris, Yamaha and Mercury Marine products and supplies parts and repair services as well.

Incorporated in 1972, Arctic Co-operatives operates in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories and “coordinates the resources, consolidates the purchasing power and provides operational and technical support to the community-based cooperatives” to help its members provide economically priced services to local members, according to the co-op’s website. Revenues were C$177.2 million in 2009.

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