Chinle Native Appointed to College Board

Chinle Native Appointed to College Board


Karen Francis-Begay, 45, Tábaahá (Edge Water Clan), has been named trustee for the College Board, the Navajo Times reported. The College Board is an influential non-for-profit organization that is known for administering the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).

Francis-Begay is one of 31 trustees nationwide, and the second Native American appointed to the board. According to the Navajo Times, the first one was Ferlin Clark, former Diné College president.

Francis-Begay has previously worked with the College Board on several projects to increase the number Natives in college. “The College Board is really on the forefront of trying to reach out to Native American communities and work better to involve families and students about the college planning process," she said.

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Dear Ms. Francis-Begay: As I am new to Indian Country Today I send late congrats on being named trustee on the college board. When you have a few moments, I would like to share with you info about our paid summer internships for minority youth. Rita Torres Regional Director, Western Region Emma L. Bowen Foundation;