Twitter Meme: NativeGuyProblems


Over the past week or so, Twitter has been burning up with Tweets tagged #nativeguyproblems (it's a little like the old Jeff Foxworthy "You might be a redneck if..."). It's hard out there for a pimp, and being a young, male and Native is no picnic either. If you get a chuckle out of these, follow @n8tivGuyProblem on Twitter for regular updates:

#nativeguyproblems you have a hole in your moccasins and no duct tape to patch it.

#nativeguyproblems if you make her mad, she's going to pull your hair.

#nativeguyproblems you're not cool enough for the rez girls because you've never been to jail.

#nativeguyproblems you think you sound cool with your black slang and rez accent.

#nativeguyproblems you always get blamed for stealing horses.

#nativeguyproblems You just got a DUI riding on your horse!!!

#nativeguyproblems you get caught stealing candybars from the trading post.

#nativeguyproblems your new GF steals all your turquoise and sells it in Gallup.

#nativeguyproblems she gets mad when you call her the war pony.

#nativeguyproblems she looks at you weird when you walk into the bedroom wearing nothing but war paint.

#nativeguyproblems when you don't have long hair you get mistaken for a mexican.

#nativeguyproblems she finds out your tribal affiliation and says, "No, I don't like your kind."

#nativeguyproblems when native girls aren't impressed with the amount of sheep you have.

#nativeguyproblems white girls expect you to be cut up like Jacob.

#nativeguyproblems Adam Beach gets every part you audition for.

#nativeguyproblems living alone and still having to unclog drains full of hair.

#nativeguyproblems getting your hair caught in the car door.

#nativeguyproblems your new "native" GF tells you her Great-great-great-grandmother was an indian princess.

#nativeguyproblems you're 1/8 navajo 1/4 pawnee 1/16 pueblo and 1/16 cree but you're more pale than Edward Cullen.

#nativeguyproblems your new big screen doesn't fit in your teepee.

#nativeguyproblems your tribe's own casino takes your money.

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