Native American Choices helps people overcome substance and alcohol addiction through traditional and cultural means. (Photo courtesy of Native American Choices)

Rehabilitation Through Native Healing and Traditional AA Methods


Native American Choices takes an innovative approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, merging the traditional methods of Alcoholics Anonymous with fundamental principles of Native American culture.

"I found a new purpose, a new healing and a community of my own understanding," said a Native American man who restored his life with the help of Native American Choices in a video on the program's Web site.

Native American Choices has grown to become one of the largest residential/outpatient Native American treatment and rehabilitation programs nationwide, according to a Native American Choices press release.

The Long Beach, Calif.-based program is part of the larger residential/outpatient service company Choices of Long Beach, Inc., also known as Choices Recovery Services. Choices is not a lock-down program; participants submit themselves for treatment to lead a sober life.

Native American Choices incorporates prayer, dance, song, sweat lodges, smudging and other ceremonies into its modified Native American healing model. “... my primary objective is to revolutionize the quality of recovery services provided to the American Indian recovery community through the use of innovative evidence-based recovery programs that produce increased positive outcomes for all program participants...I think we are well underway to meeting that goal,” said Lic. Sean A. E. Zullo, founder and executive director of Native American Choices.

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countryboy's picture
Submitted by countryboy on
It's good to hear encouraging stories regarding Native Americans in recovery. The Red Road Approach by Mr. Red Elk at University of South Dakota in Vermillion, South Dakota is similar and it has been producing sober natives for decades as one facet that it emphasizes is self-identity as we have to know WHO we are in order to begin the healing process that is ingrained in us as well as the suffering our ancestors endured leading up to us Natives being at-risk people. Been sober for a number of years and was raised the Christian way but combined with my Lakota teachings and ceremonies I am a sober and clean person today and a productive person who has made goals happen that I could never do on my own. Mitakuye Oyasin (We are All related).

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Submitted by Anonymous on
This recovery center is dirty. There is always trash all around the facility. I wouldn't go to this center to "cleanse" my body, when the physical environment is so disrespected. A Disgusted Neighbor