Peppercorn can calm a cold and help prevent breast cancer. (Photo courtesy of Ryan Elliot, Flickr)

Dr. Pepper: Spice Dishes to Prevent Cancer


Peppercorns, long used by India's indigenous people, contain a chemical compound called piperine that can not only help stifle a common cold--it may be able to help prevent a breast cancer tumor from forming, a University of Michigan Cancer Center study suggests, reported Health magazine.

Black pepper inhibits some of the inflammation produced by the tumor cells, which essentially slows tumor progression, noted

Peppercorns are the small, aromatic dried fruits of the peppercorn plant. To reap the most nutritional value from pepper, buy whole peppercorn. "Poorer quality peppercorns are commonly preground," states

The spice's cancer-fighting potential is heightened when paired with turmeric, a common Indian spice native to tropical South Asia.

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i use pimento year around and it is helpful to improve yourself from fever and cold.

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