Clean Energy Grants Available for Tribal Communities

Clean Energy Grants Available for Tribal Communities


Two new initiatives worth a total of $10 million will promote clean, renewable energy on tribal lands this year through the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Tribal Energy Program.

The goal is to help save energy and money, expand the use of renewable energy resources and promote economic development in tribal communities, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced last week.

"Tribal Nations are well-positioned to take advantage of the benefits of clean energy,” said Chu in a DOE statement. “These efforts will help tribal nations determine the best projects for their lands and ultimately which technologies to adopt, both improving the environment and supporting long-term clean energy jobs.”

Grants are open to Indian tribes, tribal energy resource development organizations and tribal consortia on whose lands the projects will be located, the DOE said.

Up to $1.5 million will be given out for early-stage projects such as first steps and capacity building, to involve analyzing energy resources and infrastructure, developing an energy organization and creating training programs. Two other areas, energy efficiency and renewable energy, will receive as much as $4 million each for projects that help develop and implement strategies for such measures.

The DOE said that announcements will be available online at or accessible through the Tribal Energy Program website and cautioned that funding is subject to continuing congressional appropriations. Here’s more information about the Tribal Energy Program.

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