The Montreal shelter Projets Autochtones du Québec, which serves the city's homeless aboriginal population, is seeking donations

Montreal Aboriginal Shelter Seeks Support


The homeless shelter and community outreach center for aboriginals who find themselves in the Montreal area, Projets Autochtones du Québec (PAQ), is seeking donations of anything from blankets to money, the Nunatsiaq News reported.

The 42-bed shelter offers services ranging from accommodations to job counseling, according to its website. For this winter it needs new or used blankets both for the shelter and to distribute to clients who live on the street, as well as nonperishable food items, toiletries and kitchen utensils, the Nunatsiaq News said.

PAQ serves First Nations, Métis and Inuit citizens with multifaceted assistance. There’s a two-bed crisis intervention unit for those needing assistance with mental health issues, medical issues and other emergencies; mental health counseling and group support sessions; job training; physical activity in its gym, pool and sauna thanks to a partnership with the YMCA; and assistance reconnecting with their home communities if they desire. The overall goal is to reduce the indigenous sense of isolation.

In addition to its short-term shelter, the organization can accommodate eight people for up to nine months, providing them with a place to get back on their feet.

Those interested in learning more and/or donating can access the group’s site here, in French.

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If the Christians were truly strong in there faith they would have no problem with this sweat lodge. But apparently they lack the strength in there own spirituality to allow others to practice there own traditions. The fact that this was banned by a tribal council is just ridiculous, You turn your back on your own ORIGINAL traditions rather than the ones your people were forced into. YOU of all should respect the right to practice Native Spirituality....