The trade show at the 2010 Indian Biz Expo featured many businesses including Morning Star Magic on the left, and CADDO Solutions on the right. (Photo courtesy of RMICC)

7th Annual Indian Biz Expo


The Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce will host its seventh annual Indian Biz Expo, a one-day event, at the Doubletree Hotel in Denver, Colorado.

Attendees will network with corporate and government buyers and attend two workshops tailored to help business owners increase their return.

The event includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments for a nominal fee. Indian-owned businesses can pay $100 for a booth and ticket.

Prices for the booths, tickets, and sponsorships are as follows:

Premier Sponsor: $ 2,500

Gold Sponsor: $ 1,500

Silver Sponsor: $ 1,000

Corporate Booth: $175.00 + 1 pass to event

Federal Gov. Booth: $125.00 + 1 pass to event

Indian Owned Business: $100.00 + 1 pass to event

Artists Table Booth: $ 25.00  + 2 items for drawings

Individual Ticket: $ 90.00

Student Tickets: $ 45.00

For more information and to register, visit:

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