Cave Rock, sacred to the Washoe Tribe in Nevada.

Washoe Tribe's Cave Rock a No-go for Bike Path


Plans for a bike path around Lake Tahoe are progressing despite concerns over its passage around the Washoe Tribe’s sacred site of Cave Rock.

The Washoe Tribe has already fought rock climbing over the site in court and won. Proponents and developers on the Nevada side of the lake, where the 30-mile stretch that passes by Cave Rock is, are considering various alternatives that include closing a lane of the Lincoln Highway.

“We want to get people out of cars and onto bikes,” said project manager Karen Mullen in a presentation to the Carson City Board of Supervisors, according to the Nevada Appeal.

However everyone would prefer the path not be routed along Highway 50, the newspaper reported. Physically the best bet would be for the bikeway to follow the Old Lincoln Highway route, the Nevada Appeal said. But that goes right around Cave Rock, which is where the Washoe come in. The tribe does not want a bunch of bikers cruising along either side of the rock, the paper reported.

This workaround promises to be the biggest challenge to attempts to develop the path, the Nevada Appeal said. Plans are still pending.

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