Tribes in ND Want to Improve Tourism Operations

Tribes in ND Want to Improve Tourism Operations


The Bismarck Tribune reports that North Dakota tribes are working together in an effort to expand their tourism operations on their reservations, and now some within their communities are looking to the state Legislature to study their tourism opportunities and plan a way in which the tribes can work more closely with the state.

The vice chairman of the Turtle Mountain Tourism Association, Les Thomas, told the Tribune that the aim is to create a tour that would run through all five tribes' reservations.

"It's a win-win for the tribes and the state of North Dakota," Thomas told Tribune writer Rebecca Beitsch, noting how travelers would go through airports and small towns on their way to the reservations.  The stops Thomas mentions as potential interest points for those keen on learning more about American Indian culture are the earth lodge village in New Town and the Sky Chief Park on the Turtle Mountain Reservation.

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