The Uluit: Champions of the North will air on APTN for five weeks starting March 7.

Nunavik Women’s Hockey Team Documentary Airs on APTN


Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr and Mario Lemieux had better watch out. The Uluit are here.

This northern Quebec hockey team of mothers, grandmothers, students and workers steal away from family obligations in Inukjuak, Nunavik, a few nights a week to hit the ice and have become national champions, the Nunatsiaq News reports.

Filmed by Arnait Video Productions in conjunction with Rotating Planet a five-part documentary will follow the women on APTN starting March 7. The Uluit: Champions of the North follows these women as they take time off from their jobs as mothers, teachers, midwives and social workers and cream the competition, the newspaper said.

Learn more here, and see the trailer here.

The Nunatsiaq News lists the rundates below:

• March 7: 8:30pm ?on APTN (North Feed)

• March 8: 12:30pm ?on APTN (HD Feed)

• March 9: 8:30pm ?on APTN (East Feed)

• March 9: 8:30pm? on APTN (West Feed)

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