In this exercise, a teacher told students to listen for a key word spoken in a Native language. The teacher then recites a number of Tlingit or Haida words. When the students hear the key Native word, they scramble to change partners.

Sealaska Heritage Institute Accepting Applications for Latseen Leadership Academy


Sealaska Heritage Institute is accepting applications through June 10 to attend its Latseen Leadership Academy held in Juneau, Alaska.

According to, the academy “is designed to provide engaging culturally-based education and activities for youth in support of their future academic and personal success with a focus on rigor, relevance, and relationships.” Participants can make traditional drums, learn how to fillet salmon and prepare traditional foods, as well as learn Native languages.

The academy is for Sealaska shareholders or shareholder descendants entering sixth, seventh and eighth grades.

A former Latseen attendee—Alyssa London—applied to Stanford and wrote her application essay on her experience in the academy. She said she “came away feeling a strong spiritual connection to the Tlingit culture. I have a greater appreciation of what it means to be Tlingit. I realize I do not have to speak Tlingit, skin a seal, or have a full blood quantum in order to be Tlingit. My greater understanding of traditional Native values, my willingness to embrace them, and my excitement over my involvement in my culture, is what it means to me to be Tlingit.”

To apply, visit or contact Sarah Dybdahl at 907-586-9234 or

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