Canada Overhauling Oil Sands Environmental Eval Methods

Canada Overhauling Oil Sands Environmental Eval Methods


Canada’s federal government is proposing to revamp its environmental monitoring plan for the oil sands industry in the wake of various reports showing groundwater contamination in the vicinity, Dow Jones reports.

"We are confident that we can protect the environment while seeing the economic benefits of the oil sands," Environment Minister Peter Kent said after unveiling the plan late Thursday, according to Dow Jones.

The new method involves tracking the environmental effects of Alberta's oilsands to trace contaminants in the Athabasca River back to their source, the Canadian Press reported.

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thunderstone's picture
Submitted by thunderstone on
i was there at Ft McMurray Alberta jurying a protest walk and the amount of oil that has contaminated he area is baffling as well as the damage to the reservation near by,not to mention the amount of toxins in the air from the plant

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Submitted by jaytaber on
It sounds like the federal environment minister has already jumped to the conclusion that the largest carbon pollution project on the planet will be accommodated. I doubt First Nations take much comfort in that.