APTN reporter Jorge Barrera and freelancer Kenneth Jackson literally corner former Prime Minister advisor Bruce Carson on allegations of lobbying Indian and Northern Affairs Canada for First Nations water contracts for his fiancée's company.

APTN Uncut—The Carson Investigation


The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network preempted its regular news programming on March 25 to showcase its investigative work into the Bruce Carson scandal, in which the former Prime Minister's adviser is suspected of lobbying the ministry of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) for water-filtration contracts for his fiancée's employer, H2O Global Group. The scandal is part of what led to the government's fall the same afternoon.

"Meet the reporters who broke the story and see how a duct taped box delivered in a gas station parking lot began a chain of events that shook Canada’s political establishment," the station's website says. Watch reporters Jorge Barrera and Kenneth Jackson make Carson squirm.

Here is the one-hour broadcast in its entirety.

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There is no incentive to remain in the Treaties weather we are from Canada or USA,we have no economic development in 90% of reservations in both our countries. Separating from both our governments is our best option..and we have so many points to claim our independence and begin to build our own partners with business instead of asking for approval from the government. as it stands now our reservations(concentration camps) are in a third world state and the world wont help us. there for it is in our best interest to separate from Canada/USA