Residential School Students Urged to Apply for Compensation

Residential School Students Urged to Apply for Compensation


Former students from Canada’s residential schools system who are eligible for compensation under the Indian Residential School Settlement are nearing the deadline to apply for a Common Experience Payment (CEP), the settlement commission announced.

September 19, 2011, is the deadline for the payment, which is made to former students of the schools who were alive as of May 30, 2005. Payments are $10,000 for all or part of the first school year and $3,000 for each subsequent one.

So far 76,623 former students had received payments by January 1, 2011, and about 80,000 were thought to be alive as of 2007, the commission said.

Independent Assessment Process (IAP) applications are due in 2012 and cover claims for sexual and serious physical abuse “and other wrongful acts suffered at residential schools,” the commission said.

“The IAP is a complex process, and it is strongly recommended that you hire a lawyer if you wish to submit an IAP application,” the commission’s release said.

It’s a separate process from the CEP, and former students can apply for one or both. The IAP deadline is September 12, 2012.

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what they tell you to get a lawyer but what they dont say is they will take $4,000-$6.000 of your 10,000 Iknow this for a fact my mom had this happen to her along with my aunties, SO DONT GET A LAWYER,UNLESS THE GOVERNMENT IS PAYING FOR THE LAWYER