Marty Two Bulls, ‘Ininiwag or Ikwewag?’


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Mr. Two Bulls, My name is Michael Meuers. I, and my project are the subject of the cover story of Indian Country Today magazine (April 6) “A Sign of Hope” and on the home page (currently) of this web site entitled "Ojibwe Words Help Temper Racism". This same story is about Bemidji’s (MN) Ojibwe Language Project. I can’t tell you the joy I felt when I saw your cartoon about being able to read logos. It is so cool to have our project and our town validated by such a professional cartoon featured in a national medium. You have lent great credibility to our project and will help it continue to succeed. In fact I dare dream that your cartoon coupled with the story may help to promote this type of thing across country. The more people who see this article and cartoon across the country, the more communities there might be willing to try a similar thing. I can’t help but dreaming big, to see Indian culture play a greater role in American culture. (I have received inquires from a few places in the US and Canada) Why not Hopi/English in Arizona? Or Choctaw/English in Mississippi? Dakota in Dakota? As they say in Ojibwe Country, Chi-miigwech for your inspired work. Michael


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