Métis Celebrate Fed Stimulus, Await One More

Métis Celebrate Fed Stimulus, Await One More


"The Métis Nation has waited more than two years to hear these announcements so today's news is very welcome especially for our Métis citizens in B.C. and Alberta,” said Métis National Council President Clément Chartier in a release on March 25. “I am especially pleased that Prime Minister Stephen Harper kept his promise made last month, to ensure Métis do not fall through the cracks."

The British Columbia Métis will receive $1.45 million to improve its Métis Skills and Employment Centre in Abbotsford, the Nation said, increasing the number of trained, employable Métis, and the Alberta Métis will get $3.5 million toward a cultural interpretive and gather center at Métis Crossing, a historic site northeast of Edmonton that is becoming a tourism hot spot.

Chartier noted that the aboriginal group is still waiting for a third promised stimulus that will help build a National Métis Museum to be located at the Forks in Winnipeg.

"This third stimulus project is important in that it will allow the Métis Nation to capture and display our history, culture, language and to show our pride,” he said in the release. “While the project has not been announced at this time, we will continue to pursue this cultural imperative. Now that an election appears imminent, we hope the government and in particular its Métis candidates, will be supportive as well as the opposition parties."

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