Tell APTN What Makes Your Town Unique

Tell APTN What Makes Your Town Unique


What makes your hometown great? The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) wants to know—and let everybody else know, too.

There are hundreds of aboriginal communities, reserves and just plain towns across Canada, and to promote this diversity the network is inviting people to submit a short description of what makes their town unique in an initiative called It’s Your Town, according to a press release from the station.

“Whether it is a cultural or historical significance, an event, or even an interesting landscape, APTN wants to know what makes these towns unique,” the broadcaster said. Towns will be featured throughout the year in vignettes, with one town showcased on APTN News.

Send nominations to APTN by July 1, 2011, email with a description of why your town stands out. More info and a video is here.

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