Smoke rises from one of five boilers at the Four Corners Power Plant on March 10, 2008, near Fruitland, New Mexico. (AP Photo/Paul Foy)

Arizona Public Service Targets Navajo Businesses for Contract Work


The owners of Hodishooh Specialty Cleaning Services in Bloomfield, New Mexico, Ray and Spicey Yazzie secured a contract with Arizona Public Service Co. (APS) when the natural gas industry suffered from the economic downturn. Now they provide janitorial services to the APS-operated Four Corners Power Plant located on Navajo land in Fruitland, New Mexico, reported The Farmington Daily Times.

The utility company is seeking to create more successful partnerships, targeting Navajo-owned businesses. APS hosted its first event on April 6, "How to do business with APS at Four Corners Power Plant," held at the Farmington Civic Center. The session attracted more than 30 business owners, Navajo chapter officials and corporate leaders.

"We know there's some good Navajo businesses out there, but we've had a hard time finding them," Karla Erickson, who leads the purchasing department at the power plant, told The Farmington Daily Times.

Four Corners Power Plant employs 499 people, but it also gives work to numerous contractors for a range of services. In an effort to reach more minority-owned businesses, APS budgeted $62 million to recruit businesses for the utility's diverse operations, said Barbara Gomez, vice president of supply chain at Four Corners. "It's creating opportunity," she told The Farmington Daily Times.

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