Kristine Hilderbrand, Jennifer Kiser and Sarah Bergman try ice bowling at Ilisagvik College.

Ice Bowling at Ilisagvik College


Ilisagvik College’s Students Services Department held its first Ice Bowling Event on March 19. More than 20 students, staff and community members braved the -12 degree weather to try their hand at knocking over pins made of cups using bowling balls made out of balloons.

The alley was created using 400 gallons of water on a 25 x 30 foot section of the Ilisagvik parking lot and wood beams as bumpers. Participants listened as the ice cracked and shattered as the balloon balls hit the pins.

To participate in future student services events, call 907-852-1809. Ilisagvik College us a two-year tribal college located in Barrow, Alaska.

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