Indigenous Leaders Meet About Health Care

Indigenous Leaders Meet About Health Care


Health care for indigenous in Brazil can be related in ways like health care services in the United States for American Indians. The quality is lacking.

On April 6 representatives of Pankararu (Pernambuco) and Guajajara (Maranhão) visited the Special Secretariat of Indigenous Health (SESA) to seek improvements for both groups according to the Ministry of Health.

Irania Marques, director of the Department of Indigenous Health Care (Dasi), addressed the importance of the claims being brought to the meeting and out of the village. “One goal is to humanize Sheshai of care provided to indigenous groups, and these reports help show us what actually happens in the villages.”

One of the chiefs at the meeting, Jose Lopez, village IPU located in Grajau, Maranhao, demanded the secretariat visit his village to see first-hand what their reality is like.

He believes the visit would be beneficial toward restructuring the health services in his locality.

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