Voting is on for the imagineNATIVE Youth Film Competition


Ten young indigenous filmmakers have submitted their short videos to the imagineNATIVE competition; the winner will win a trip to the 2011 imagineNATIVE Film Festival in October, where his or her film will be shown at a public screening. This year's filmmaking process was a bit different, according to the imagineNATIVE website:

"Rather than supply the equipment, the imagineNATIVE crew did something different: the youth were instructed on how to make the videos using technology already available in their communities and using editing software already installed on available computers. The result is ten short videos - shot with iPods, point-and-shoot digital cameras, camcorders, and webcams."

Another twist is that the winners will be selected by online vote at So check out the clips and support your favorite -- the career of the next Chris Eyre may depend on it.

Here's an example, by 9th grader Tina Williams, Fort Albany First Nation:

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