N.A.M.A. Endorses New Military Book


It has often been noted that American Indians/Alaska Natives have served in the United States military more per capita than any other ethnic group. So it’s no wonder an organization like the Native American Music Awards & Association would endorse a military project.

In a recent announcement N.A.M.A. is collaborating with Operation Music Aid Inc., involving recently published Two Scoops of Hooah!: The T-Walls of Kuwait and Iraq. The 208-page hardcover book, serves as a pictorial spread of history, focusing on cement structures, T-walls, that originally were military barriers. Now transformed into artistic murals showing the expressions of the American Service Members and Coalition Partner Nations on the battlefields of Kuwait and Iraq.

The book, defined as modern folk art, is giving 100 percent of all net proceeds to help the rehabilitation of wounded service men and women.

“Native Americans share a proud history in serving our country, from The Navajo Code Talkers and Iwo Jima’s Flag Raiser, Ira Hamilton Hayes, to the late PFC Lori Piestewa, the first Native American woman to die in combat on foreign soil in Iraq. We hope that our international audience will support this book. The Native American Music Association is very proud to continue to honor and pay tribute to all of our country’s great men and women and assist those who have been wounded,” stated N.A.M.A.’s Founder and CEO, Ellen Bello in a press release.

Nearly 200,000 American Indians have served in the military since World War I and a Native-influence can be seen in some of the pictures of this book, including the Native American warrior image on page 21.

Two Scoops of Hooah!: The T-Walls of Kuwait and Iraq is being distributed independently by Operation Music Aid, and can be purchased online for $24.95, use the Organization code: NAMA.

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This is from someone who will be a freshman in college next year. First off, it's "Indian" and not "Native American." As editorials in ICT have said, the word Native American portrays us as one of the other Americans when in fact we are sovereign people. Using the word Native American also encourages comparison with others like African Americans or Mexican Americans, when the others are races and Indians are political entities. Secondly, generation after generation of Indians has been brainwashed into serving in a foreign military, which is what the American military is. It is time to get over such brainwashing. We're killing millions of innocent people all over the world in wars that are domestically sold as "protecting our freedoms" when in fact all they serve is to further profitability goals of corporations and capitalists. Indian babies were skewered on the American flag and we were made to walk between these flags during the forced march. That is the flag you are saluting and honoring at pow wows. It is time to get over such brainwashing and get back to the serious business of sovereignty. The Japanese don't fight wars for China. Japan and China are sovereign countries, just like America and Indian nations are.