Flooding Postpones First Nations Environmental Conference

Flooding Postpones First Nations Environmental Conference


Canada's prairie region has flooded so badly that an environmental-health conference has been postponed so that the participants can focus on their inundated communities, the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Chiefs (FSIN) announced.

Flooding in central and southern areas of Saskatchewan has forced rescheduling of the April 19–21 First Nations Environmental Health Working Group meeting, the FSIN said in a communiqué.

"This will allow the environmental health officers and water technicians, who are members of the working group, the time to deal with the more pressing matter of the safety of their communities," the FSIN said. "The new dates being planned are May 3–5, 2011 in Saskatoon. Working group members will be informed of meeting details as they become available."

Hundreds of First Nations people have been forced from dozens of their communities across Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta in unprecedented flooding that shows no signs of abating.

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