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Singer-songwriter Beau Jennings has written an album in homage to his childhood hero.

Beau Jennings Celebrates Will Rogers in Song and Film


An Oklahoma-born musician and an Austin, Texas-based filmmaker are gearing up for a multimedia tribute to Will Rogers. Known as "Oklahoma's Favorite Son," Rogers was born in Indian Territory and was of Cherokee heritage. Singer-songwriter Beau Jennings has composed The Verdigris: In search of Will Rogers, a series of songs dedicated to his childhood hero. “It’s named for the river that runs through both my hometown and Will’s,” Jennings said in a press release. “I think everyone knows Will as Oklahoma’s favorite son, but I also think he has faded into the past a bit, reduced to a few memorable quotes. Hopefully with this project, we can all rediscover what made Will Rogers so cool.” After a series of fund-raising concerts in late April, Jennings will hit the road, taking The Verdigris to locales--including Hollywood and Alaska--that were significant in Rogers' life. In tow will be filmmaker Bradley Beesley, who plans to create a documentary about the shows, life on the road, and the legacy of Will Rogers himself. Jennings also plans to record studio and live versions of the songs while on tour, and to release some combination as an album after his travels are over. For information on the fundraising gigs and the subsequent tour, visit

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