Frontline: The Silence


As he discussed in a recent column for Indian Country Today Media Network, Mark Trahant reported on sexual abuse by Catholic clergy in Alaska for the PBS series Frontline. Here is the first chapter of the episode; you can also click through to to watch the episode in its entirety:

Watch the full episode. See more FRONTLINE.

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Submitted by sonnyskyhawk on
As the son of a mother who spent her adult life in hell due to being raped at a Boarding School, I was able to vividly relate to Mark Trahant"s story about the victims of St. Michaels. My mother has journeyed to the Spirit World now, and with all our relatives, relieved of the pain suffered in this world. Relieved I am sure, that she no longer has to relive the nightmares of the rape committed by a Jesuit Priest when she was 11 years old. Their ( the church) apologies come too late and without truth and sincerity. May the victims God have mercy on them, for they were and are, truly, the innocents, and may the Priests rot in their hell.