Suicide Prevention (from Jaden Nethercall of Barrow's award-winning video in the Suicide Prevention Media Contest)

Alaska Students Create Powerful Videos for Suicide Prevention


The Alaska Association of Student Governments (AASG), the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) and GCI, the largest telecommunications company in Alaska, recently honored students across the state for their gripping submissions in the Suicide Prevention Media Contest.

Jaden Nethercall of Barrow earned top prize for his video that delivers a poignant and powerful message:

View all contest submissions. The top four entries will be made into television public service announcements, which GCI will air around Alaska.

“When media messages about suicide are presented to the public by teens, it opens dialogue and makes an immediate impact,” said Bob Terrazas, ANTHC Marketing and Communications Director.  “Because of this awareness, Alaska’s suicide crisis hotline, Careline, will see a spike in phone calls and hopefully kids’ lives will be saved.”

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Submitted by barb07 on
December 14, 1997 my youngest son completed his suicide, December 16, 1997 his father lost his battle to cancer. During that time, there was no one who wanted to say the word "suicide." It has been a long and difficult journey but I am glad I was one of the judges and was at the Alaska Association for Student Government's program to talk about suicide prevention. We are not just talking about the suicides but we are having positive media as in your wonderful on-line newspaper to share what is being done about the suicides. Alaska has the #1 position in suicides across the Nation. This kind of media has been an answer to a 14-year old prayer. As you can tell, I pray those lives we lost to suicide does not go unnoticed. I used to say "he was only 23 years old," but in order to sleep, I say, "I was blessed with 23 years of his life." Rest in peace my baby. Love mommy / Barb Franks (Anchorage, Alaska).