Filmmaker Josh Tickell holds a jar of biodiesel fuel in a still from his documentary <em>Fuel</em>.

Help the Earth Environmental Film Fest this Saturday, Hosted by Montano Rain


Seventeen-year-old Apache/Cheyenne actor and activist Montano Rain (The Matrix Reloaded) will host a multi-faceted Earth Day celebration in Venice, California, this Saturday April 23. Activities include an traditional American Indian blessing, a live auction, film screenings and panel discussions with filmmakers and experts. For more information, visit Rain's site Help Us Help the Earth and Red Nation.

The films being shown include Carbon Nation, Who's Got the Power?, Fuel, and Flow. View the trailers (and in the case of Fuel, the entire film) below:

Trailer for Carbon Nation—official site:

Trailer for Who's Got the Power?—official site:

Full-length film Fuel, winner Best Documentary Audience Award at Sundance Film Festival 2008—official site:

Trailer for Flow—official site:

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