Tom Hoch’s work at Chickasaw Cultural Center (Photo courtesy of Chickasaw Cultural Center)

Chickasaw Cultural Center Reveals New, Earth-Inspired Interior Design


The Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur, Oklahoma, recently revealed its new custom-designed, earth-inspired wood motif interior. The hand-crafted and installed fixtures by Tom Hoch, "a pioneer in revenue-based design" and architecture, according to a Chickasaw Nation news release, honor the Chicasaw traditions and spirit through its elegant and natural details.

“Tom Hoch captured the tone and significance of the center,” says Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham, administrator of the Division of History and Culture for the Chickasaw Nation.

The 96,000 square-foot cultural center originally opened July 24, 2010. Hoch also added custom-designed accents to the Aachompa’ Gift Shop, featuring rich wood flooring accented with classic walnut fixtures, modular displays and a control counter. The pieces highlight the handcrafted American Indian creations, such as jewelry, clay art and rugs displayed within.

In the Souvenir Shop, Tom Hoch installed maple fixtures with contrasting walnut tops and red-leather ties. In the Aaimpa’ Café, located in the Welcome Center, walnut tables are coupled with granite counter tops for a sleek and vibrant social area.

“The Chickasaw Nation and its culture and traditions are key to Oklahoma’s past, present and future,” says Hoch. “We are honored to work closely with the nation as they open this culturally-significant facility, and we look forward to building on this budding relationship.”

The Chickasaw Cultural Center, located an hour-and-half south of Oklahoma City, finally came to fruition after 10 years of research, construction and design efforts. The center is devoted to sharing and celebrating the Chickasaw history and culture.

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