New Aboriginal Magazine Challenges Racism

New Aboriginal Magazine Challenges Racism


Indigenous issues are as strong in Australia as they are in the United States, and now there is a new magazine geared towards aboriginal rights.

On April 4, the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) launched Tracker, a monthly publication that will feature analysis and investigation of land rights, aboriginal issues and expose the challenges of institutional racism and discrimination across Australian society according to an article by Green Left.

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The original article said, "It is one of only two Aboriginal organisations in Australia that have UN status, so we’re always over in the UN, New York or Geneva." Which led me to suspect it was publication run by Whites. And sure enough, the picture in the inset and pictures on the web show that the publication was run by Whites. We shouldn't trust a White-led organization to be an advocate for indigenous issues, whether it is in Australia or here in America. Like the conservation organizations who are organizations for hunters' rights (and not animal rights), White-led media is always a mechanism to control and channel the indigenous voice so that it conforms to the interests of the colonial government.