Navajo Chamber of Commerce in the Works

Navajo Chamber of Commerce in the Works


Navajo business leaders are forming a chamber of commerce to lobby for their interests, reported the Navajo Times.

The Business Leaders Roundtable event on April 15, organized by President Ben Shelly, initiated the idea to create a chamber. About 100 people convened for the roundtable, where business owners and leaders discussed business development on the Navajo Nation.

Cal Nez, a Salt Lake City business owner, suggested the idea of a Navajo chamber of commerce about 20 years ago to poor reception. But now, "we had 25 members within an hour and half," he told the Navajo Times.

Nez played a key role in helping form the Utah Native American Chamber of Commerce. Business leaders are still organizing the Navajo chamber of commerce and hope to be ready for complete memberships within a few weeks, Nez said.

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