No Acknowledgment for Choctaw Nation of Florida

No Acknowledgment for Choctaw Nation of Florida


The Choctaw Nation of Florida’s 77 members received the news on April 22 from Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Larry Echo Hawk that they were not acknowledged as a federally recognized tribe.

Echo Hawk's final determination came from the petitioners not meeting the mandatory Criterion 83.7(e). The criterion must show members descended from a historical Indian tribe or tribes that combined and functioned as a single entity.

Choctaw Nation of Florida claims to have migrated in the 1830s from North Carolina to Georgia before Florida as part of the Indian removals.

The Department of the Interior will post its findings on the Indian Affairs website.

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Submitted by mazecyrus on
This process is ongoing, we still have our active consideration and will be having a re-consideration hearing at the Indian Appeals Board regarding this bad man decision. The Choctaw Nation is a Florida Tribe which has always been in Florida. We do not know why your article states we come from North Carolina. Mr Flemings craftiness is what generates these untruths about the Choctaw Nation. Inlue of these regulations which are not Laws nor legalese, we will continue move to be federal restored as a tribe. That is what Self-Determination and Self-Governance covers, these are law. Chief Rodgers, CFO