Aboriginal Diggers to be Honored

Aboriginal Diggers to be Honored


Aunty Sandra Lee had enough. As the secretary of the Darug Tribal Aboriginal Corporation she doesn’t want to see another Anzac Day come and go without the proper recognition given to the Aboriginal Diggers (soldiers) of Australia.

Supported by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Veterans and Services Association (ATSIVSA), Lee has called for a meeting on May 29 to plan next year’s honoring.

There were more than 5,000 indigenous diggers who served in World Wars I and II and other conflicts.

“When Aboriginal people returned from war they faced many challenges as no official recognition was given for their contributions,” she said on Australia’s Blacktown Sun website. “White Diggers were heroes. Aboriginal Diggers were forgotten and their names omitted from memorials and excluded from RSLs. They had to return to the missions they had lived on and the physical and psychological abuse. Their children were also taken away while they fought for their country and their pay was withheld from their families.”

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