A detail from "West" by Lara Evans, showing in the exhibition "Kantuche Dogs" at the Fire God Gallery in Albuquerque

Contemporary Cherokee Artists Show Diverse and Edgy Works in Albuquerque

"Commodity" by Roy Boney, Jr.

The Fire God Gallery in Albuquerque, NM is exhibiting contemporary and experimental art in a mixed-media show called "Kantuche Dogs: Contemporary Cherokee Art." The show takes its name from a folk term for an indigenous dog of the American southeast, also known as an American dingo, Cherokee dog or Carolina dog, that had a place in Cherokee culture for centuries. Kanutche is a traditional Cherokee food made from hickory nuts.

The diversity of artists whose work is on display is impressive. Roy Boney, Jr., Cherokee Nation, is a painter, illustrator, and computer animator who has also created a series of zombie comics for Slave Labor Graphics. Daniel Horsechief, Cherokee Nation/Pawnee, is a sculptor whose bronze “Stickball Player” was recently installed in the atrium of the Cherokee Heritage Center in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Lisa Rutherford, Cherokee Nation, specializes in traditional beadwork and featherwork, while Lara Evans, Cherokee Nation, a professor at Evergreen State College in Washington, is an experimental photographer and painter. In all, eleven Cherokee artists from Oklahoma, New Mexico, Washington and North Carolina are exhibiting work.

"Kantuche Dogs: Contemporary Cherokee Art" is on display from May 6 through May 31. On Saturday, May 28, participating artist America Meredith will deliver a presentation on Cherokee art history from precontact times to thepresent. For more information, visit The Fire God Gallery Facebook page.

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Lara Evans' work gives me chills. Can't wait to see the entire exhibit!