Couples participated in a traditional Andean Indigenous mass wedding in La Paz, Bolivia, May 7. Some 350 couples participated in this event, having the possibility to choose the wedding godfather, according to an ancient tradition, who this time was Bolivia's President Evo Morales.

350 Indian Couples in Bolivia Wed in Mass Ceremony


On May 7 at the colosseum in La Paz, Bolivia, about 350 couples were married upholding Indian customs and traditions. President Evo Morales, presided as best man during the colorful Andean mass wedding according the Associated Press.

The ceremony included Indian religious leaders presiding over the wedding surrounded by large white flowers, indigenous banners and several bands serenading the couples. Symbolically Pachamama – the Earth deity of the Aymara and Quechua races of Bolivia’s highlands Indians was present according to AP.

Morales addressed the couples who were each married in a civil ceremony before the mass wedding.

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