Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana Launches New Website

Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana Launches New Website


The Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana has taken a proactive approach at educating tribal members, surrounding communities and others throughout Louisiana with the launch of its new tribal website,

The site, an ongoing effort by the tribe, will provide visitors with a variety of information from tribal history, statistics and culture to tribal government, social services and business initiatives.

“We’re very pleased to have this effective and attractive way of communicating with Tribe members and our neighbors and for telling the Coushatta story to the wider world,” said Tribe Vice-Chairman David Sickey. “Like our newsletter, this is an important part of our ongoing internal and external outreach efforts and we look forward to updating it with engaging content on a regular basis.”

In addition to the new site, the tribe runs a site for the Coushatta Casino Resort,

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Mark Sutton's picture
Mark Sutton
Submitted by Mark Sutton on
My Grandmother's Sister was married to Rev Leeds who was minister to part of your tribe back in the early to mid 1950's. They lived in Kinder. I have a photograph of his daughter (I think it's her) and two Indian children, all on a post card type of print. I'd like to get it to your people if you could share it among yourselves. My Grandmother would be very happy if this happened. She also lived in your area but after getting married, moved to Oklahoma.

Morgan John
Morgan John
Submitted by Morgan John on
I am the Coushatta Tribal Princess and I am interested in viewing that picture and passing it along to the tribal members that you wish to see it given to.