Low-Cost Health Packages Discussed at 2nd Annual Native American Health Care Conference

Low-Cost Health Packages Discussed at 2nd Annual Native American Health Care Conference


The Innovative Health Alliance (IHA), a group of health care companies that offer low-cost employee or individual benefits packages, provided a unique perspective on integrating employee health insurance and workers compensation programs to cut costs and improve employee health at the second annual Native American Health Care Conference.

Hosted May 24 at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in conjunction with the Native American Diabetes Workshop, the meeting followed December’s event, which attracted 200 attendees to Rancho Mirage, California to seek solutions to financing health care in Indian Country, building health care facilities and fighting substance abuse and alcoholism issues.

This year, IHA took the stage to discuss its goals on revolutionizing the way  health care is monitored, evaluated and delivered and how personal medical records are stored and retrieved. IHA advocated easier access to personal information like blood tests and digital medical records.

“Indisputable facts show a positive ROI when corporations invest in their employees, their most valuable asset,” said Edward Salko, Jr., D.O., medical director of Personalabs, a Florida Limited Liability Corporation offering health services such as the ability to order laboratory testing online, and a member of the IHA.. “Higher productivity and a happier workforce can be achieved when health factors are considered. Preventing disease through risk analysis and taking control of your own health records benefits everyone.”

In a statement, Annie Brudevold of the Colorado River Indian Tribe said, “I have been waiting for a simple lab test that the Innovative Health Alliance provides, it is easy, comprehensive and affordable.  I have been working for 30 years as a nurse aiding diabetics and this is a great health and technological tool to help our people.”

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