Fresh From the Ground – Part 1


The original healers of Southern Africa have a knowledge of the regions medicinal and nutritional plants represents an accumulated wisdom of thousands of years that is in danger of vanishing in the modern world. In this series, provided by Indigenous Peoples of Africa Co-ordinating Committee (IPACC), the focus is on a plant knowledge workshop.

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Submitted by dbender on
These are South African medicine men. Its amazing the way they blend old ways into their new-westernized culture. I could see our medicine men doing the same thing. Being a medicine man is understanding the powers that native plants possess and how they effect the body. Holistic medicine has been used for millenia and now we have these new medicines and they do nothing but treat us for the poor diets and lack of excercise that we get here in America. 70 percent of Americans in general are obese. I could see that percentage being much higher among Natives and this is due to our adoption of a neolithic diet and that is a diet based on grain and sugar. Unfortunately, grains and sugar are bad medicine to the American Indian. Our best medicine is the love that we share with our families when we feed each other healthy greens and tatanka!