Geronimo Living Strong


While talk has turned to an apology from President Barack Obama for the recent use of American Indian hero Geronimo’s name being used in reference to the death of Osama bin Laden, others have come together to show how Geronimo did not die on May 1, 2011 in Pakistan.

Instead, they share how he is alive and well throughout the country in this poetic video written and directed by Ryan Red Corn and Dallas Goldtooth and recited by Casie Camp, Brooke Cunningham, Brittany Cunningham, Mason Cunningham, Dallas Goldtooth, Danon Hare, Mark Hendricks, Aunyeyapiwin Mahpiya Maza, Sedelta Oosahwee, Alex Red Corn, Electa Red Corn, Ryan Red Corn and Tito Ybarra. Follow their work at as the 1491’s are an American Indian sketch comedy group.

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jbasham's picture
Submitted by jbasham on
ask the red paint people who geronimo is.

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Submitted by helenhill on
Geronimo is a hero and will remain so to the people everywhere. His name should never be used as a code word or a mission, I have read about Geronimo's life as I was growing up and I believe that he is a great man. This video tells the truth he is alive in all.

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Submitted by lafigliadaosta on
A very moving tribute to a true hero. Listen with respect.

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Submitted by darrellmarks on
i feel that this video was done very well. it is not only inspiring but ideal in so many ways.