The Success of Native Language and Culture-Based Education


This video is from an oversight hearing held by the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs May 26, 2011 on Expanding the Success of Native Language and Culture-Based Education. It was posted by the National Indian Education Association.

During the video, we hear statements from Senator Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii; Namaka Rawlins, 'Aha Punana Leo, University of Hawaii-Hilo; Larry Lasley, of the Meskwaki Settlement School Board; Kevin Shendo, from the Pueblo of Jemez Department of Education; Jana Harcharek, Inupiaq Education, North Slope Borough School District; Dr. David Beaulieu, American Indian Programs, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; and Dr. Shawn Kanaiaupuni, Kamehameha Schools about how culture-based education is important to the future of Native American and Native Hawaiian communities.

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