Tributes to the Life and Times of Gordon Tootoosis


First Nations actor, politician and mentor to many Gordon Tootoosis died at age 69 on July 5, and he is being remembered fondly around the Web. The Star Phoenix offers up this slide show of his life and career, and the videos are proliferating.

Here's one from a couple of years back previewing a documentary of his life, Stage, Screen and Reserve: The Life and Times of Gordon Tootoosis.

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rezzdog's picture
Submitted by rezzdog on
This guy was the real deal. Why? He never forgot where he came from.

crazytalk's picture
Submitted by crazytalk on
Very sorry, my condolences to the family. A great person and actor is gone.

sonnyskyhawk's picture
Submitted by sonnyskyhawk on
A gentle giant of a man who exemplified the meaning of being a true native person. There are not enough words to describe what and who this man was. I would say he was humble, smart, proud, and courageous. The professionalism that he exuded on the set was the ultimate, and his talent natural and real. Many of our Native people in today's acting community, and even those who are not, could have learned a lesson or two from this man. Our Native people will miss his being who he was, one of us. Sonny Skyhawk, Founder, American Indians in Film & Television

gatheringtribes's picture
Submitted by gatheringtribes on
One of the greatest joys of my career was working with Gordon. His talent and his kindness I will never forget. He was a prime example of how to behave as a human being. I will miss him dearly. - Michael Horse