President Ben Shelly presented a pendalton blanket to Emil McCord, president of Tyonek Native Corporation at a Tyonek hunting lodge.

Navajo President Discussed Business Partnerships at ANC Conference


Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly discussed energy and infrastructure development with several Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs)  at the National 8(a) Association Annual Conference in Anchorage, Alaska on June 23-25.

His hopes for for Navajo businesses to engage in similar government contracting activities as ANCs.

At the conference, Shelly and the Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) President Julie Kitka discussed how the Navajo Nation and the AFN can partner on mutual economic and political issues.

“Partnering for the continued success of our Native people is not just a good thing to do,” Shelly said in a statement. “It's critical to our survival as we see shrinking federal budgets and detrimental polices and it's important to coordinate where there is mutual interest.”

During the three-day event, Shelly met with NANA Regional Corporation, CIRI Development Corporation, Old Harbor Village Corporation, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation and Tyonek Native Corporation.

The meeting with Tyonek included a village visit to the closed community of Tyonek and a meeting with village tribal leadership.

During his stay, he also toured the Alaska Native Heritage Center and the Alaska Tribal Health Consortium.

To keep the ball rolling forward, Shelly plans to attend the AFN annual meeting in October.

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congratulationS ben KELLEY---for getting his tribe into the 21st century and out of the BIG BLOATED belly gas and feasts coupled with chicanery and sweetheart deals and parlor tricks and total contract rigging with the council of "bloated alpha males of the OGLALA SIOUX TRIBAL COUNCIL--who will soon one day end up in prison for their financial wranglings pertaining to the PRAIRIE WIND CASINO--very sad---was reading about it and am shocked..even called the treasurer office-ha ha ha ha --and got the quick one "name" voice mail---straight of the old "mob tricks" days..goodluck ben kelley..amazing ---would love to see wind farms all over the open lands just sitting there in usa..harnessing so much wind energy--good thing the world is going this way---your a true light for that !