What the World's Most Interesting Native might look like, from his unofficial Twitter page, @twmiiNDN

Twitter Meme: #WorldsMostInterestingNative


Some Sunday fun from the Twitternets: We're seeing a lot of tweets with the hashtag #WorldsMostInterestingNative. They're parodies of the Dos Equis "World's Most Interesting Man" commercials, and many of them are hilarious.

Anishinaboy: He taught his dog to read his email, in Ojibway #WorldsMostInterestingNative

Robohontas: He eats treaties for breakfast. #WorldsMostInterestingNative

Big_Spiders: He has a Headdress made out of hipsters. #WorldsMostInterestingNative

teholatanek: He once danced Tradish in a Fancy dance final, just to see what 2nd place felt like. #WorldsMostInterestingNative

Eli_d_m: His great great great grandmother was a European princess #WorldsMostInterestingNative

dvnpete: He gets full cellular service on all reservations. #worldsmostinterestingNative

duanelinklater: he once won the northern and southern singing contest simultaneously, by himself. #worldsmostinterestingnative

yeahrighttyrone: He flattered a Crow woman... while speaking Lakota. #worldsmostinterestingnative

SALYGO: Eagles take his hair #worldsmostinterestingnative

Eli_d_m: She can speak all of turtle islands languages except English, French or Spanish... #worldsmostinterestingNative

Robohontas: @Sherman_Alexie follows him on twitter. #WorldsMostInterestingNative

teholatanek: He invests & trades stock on Wall Street. Using only Wampum. #WorldsMostInterestingNative

yeahrighttyrone: He is an honorary member of all 565 federally recognized tribes. #worldsmostinterestingnative

For more, check these Twitter results.

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