Three white men are accused of forcing a 22-year-old victim from the Navajo Indian reservation into a car on April 29 and driving him to an apartment. Besides branding the man's arm there, police say the suspects shaved a swastika into his hair and drew degrading words and pictures on his body with permanent marker

Two Men Plead Guilty in Vincent Kee Branding Case


Two men, Paul Beebe, 27, and Jesse Sanford, 25, pleaded guilty Tuesday before a San Jaun County jury in the April 29, 2010 attack of Vincent Kee, a 22-year-old Navajo man who suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome.

Beebe and Sanford, along with a third man, William Hatch, were accused of branding a swastika on the arm of Kee, along with drawing degrading pictures, sexual and racial on him.

Navajo Hate Crime Branding

The three men were charged with first-degree felony kidnapping, second-degree felony conspiracy to commit kidnapping, third-degree felony aggravated battery causing great bodily harm and fourth-degree felony conspiracy to commit aggravated battery reports The Daily Times.

Both men could face more than eight years in prison, in what they deemed a mere prank.

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I would also like the see the photos of the parents of these three young men along with their comments on what they think of their sons' actions.