Kennecott Responds Regarding Eagle Rock

Daniel Blondeau

To the editor:

The posting on your site regarding Eagle Rock, Michigan (June 21) prompts this clarification of potential interest to your readers.

Kennecott is mindful of the connection Native American communities in the region have with the rock. We are committed to ensuring the rock remains protected from current construction and future mining activities and safely accessible to those who wish to utilize the rock for cultural interests. In fact, the rock will remain protected as it is, as is required by permit conditions governing our project.

We also want to be straightforward about our plans. The tunnel that will be created to enable workers to access the underground mine will start into the ground approximately 100 yards to the west of the rock, not into the rock face itself as the blog and photo caption mischaracterize.

The tunnel will travel under the ground’s surface before reaching the rock, and will travel through the part of the rock that is underground, maintaining the rock’s current above ground condition.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide this clarification, and welcome your questions anytime.


Daniel Blondeau
Advisor, Communications & Media Relations
Kennecott Eagle Minerals

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onute's picture
To Mr Blondeau and to Kennecott leaders, Encircling a Sacred Site, a site that is central within the creation stories of many tribes, with a fence, seizing their land and procuring permits under questionable circumstances, ignoring an administrative judge's ruling, setting up a No Trespassing sign among other things is not something I consider a consideration nor mindfulness of how sacred Eagle Rock is to the Native American people. This type of statement and "mindfulness" is no different than a corporation desiring the riches within, under and around the Vatican to fence it off from the people, encircle it with guards and Do Not Enter signs and then blasting away at what it just wants while telling the Catholic people that it is respecting their faith and sacred site and no damage will be done. In addition, the water that surrounds this site is sacred and must be considered, protected, respected and blessed. We have all seen the recent horrible consequences of greed and corporate irresponsibility as we saw oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico causing the destruction of life and the ecosystems throughout that whole area. What would you say to the people and to all of life that depends upon this fresh water to live if sulfuric acid poisoned the fresh water supply. WE are the caretakers and we must honor and respect the resources that our Creator has provided, not rape the Earth for them because we could. We must walk as stewards of the land that we have been entrusted to lovingly care for and respect. May our Water be Blessed and may Eagle Rock be protected. It is sacred to the Native American people and this must be respected. We are all part of a Oneness that we must see and understand. Our Hearts understand our Oneness. May our thoughts and actions reflect this understanding that dwells within our Hearts. Anne Savickas