Is Indigenous Knowledge Intellectual Property?

Is Indigenous Knowledge Intellectual Property?


Indigenous or traditional knowledge has become a buzzword in environmental circles, with puzzled scientists often wondering whether age-old wisdom might hold answers. brings us an interesting clip about an issue being addressed by the World Intellectual Property Organization: Who owns indigenous knowledge, and should it be protected by patent or copyright as intellectual property?

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Please forgive me for being a cynic, but I don't believe for one second that their motives are about "protecting" indigenous peoples' knowledge. I believe that these people have finally figured out the stupidity of how they've been conducting themselves within their own cultures, and that they are on the verge on extinction because their current survival methods are no longer viable. So, since they have long left behind the ancient traditional survival skills their ancestors possessed in Europe during the last ice age, they now want ours. And not only do they want ours, they want to take control and possession of our knowledge by passing "laws" about it. We don't need their laws. It's very simple, we either choose to open our mouths and tell others about our knowledge, or we don't. We don't need their involvement in our decisions regarding our traditional knowledge. It's really arrogant of them to take this "superior" position regarding our traditional knowledge by passing laws regarding it, when in fact, they are actually inferior to us, since they are the ones who created this mess in the first place.