Classic Indian Comedy: Charlie Hill on The Richard Pryor Show, 1977


It's a pretty cool moment when Richard Pryor, as host of his own TV show, hands the mic to Charlie Hill. In fact, it's more than cool; better adjectives might include "rare," "unlikely," and "unbelievable." Why NBC gave Pryor, perhaps the most controversial comedian of his day, a variety show during prime time is a mystery that may never be solved; in any event the network regretted it almost immediately. Unsurprisingly, Pryor was thoroughly irked by network meddling and strictures. This clip is from the show's fourth—and final—episode, which aired October 20, 1977.

"Hi how-are-ya, hi how-are-ya..."

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rezzdog's picture
Submitted by rezzdog on
Holy cow Charlie, that was 1977. That must have been the last time you were able to see your belt buckle without the aide of a mirror. That was a great set. It reminds me of how important your craft is. Thanks, bro.

lxeis's picture
Submitted by lxeis on
Charlie Hill is one of the originals and one of the great talent's in Native American entertainment. I so enjoyed watching this video, and it reminded me of his later appearances on another variety talk show; Arsenio Hall's show in the late 80's/early 90's. Keep going Charlie, we all love you!